Purchase this with your Grillz!


Please read all the instructions below before attempting to make your mould.


  1. Mix both the white and orange putty together (wearing the disposable gloves provided) until it becomes one colour. This should take roughly 30-40 seconds.
  2. Roll the putty up into a cylinder shape and place into the mouth tray
  3. Bite into the middle of the putty
  4. Hold firmly onto the mouth tray to get the right shape. Do not talk or laugh with the putty in your mouth
  5. Leave in your mouth for roughly 3 minutes until the material becomes hard
  6. Once it's done, remove from your mouth slowly and try not to ruin the shape
  7. Please do not separate the mouth tray and the mould once the impression is done
  8. Finally, put your finished impression into the plastic sealed bag provided and send back to the return address, which is also provided.


PLEASE NOTE: Once the two colour puttys have made contact they will activate and become hard quickly. You have 30-40 seconds before this happens so make sure you work fast to get the perfect impression in the mould.

We DO NOT provide replacements if you have done something wrong and you will have to purchase this again.

We recommend watching a YouTube video on how to make a grillz impression with putty.

Mould Kit

Mould Tray



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